Carbon Black

by Amelia Arsenic

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Amelia Arsenic is a visual artist and fashion designer originally from Sydney but now based in London. Having toured extensively throughout Europe and the USA since 2007 as a musician and DJ, Amelia now presents her solo project; a singular vision of broken and beautiful sounds and personal yet playful lyrics.

The sounds of Amelia Arsenic are an infectious injection of high-energy beats infused with feminine allure. Her debut EP "Carbon Black" is a genesis of fresh electronic sounds drawing from hip hop, electro and industrial music. Switching between melodic and spoken vocals, the lyrical themes go from party-mode to provocative pathos effortlessly, painting a self-portrait within an underground zeitgeist.

A cataclysmic big bang of music and style, Amelia Arsenic comes out from the blackness with harsh beats for dark times.


released January 23, 2015

Written by Amelia Arsenic, Pete Crane & Ben Bulig.
Released and produced by Blind Mice Productions 2015.
Recorded in London, Sydney & Bangkok.


all rights reserved



Amelia Arsenic Sydney, Australia

Harsh beats for dark times.

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Track Name: Carbon Black
Wouldn’t it be perfect
If we froze time?
Our quantum death
Moment refine
You’re my genesis to revelation

Our apocalypse
We’ll decimate
Our souls remixed
Eternally reacting ’til we cease to exist

Out from the blackness
Reverse big bang
You were heartless
Without a name

Star born lovers
From dust we came
Out of phase
Divine descent

We can just erase
Our worlds augment
Subatomic remains
We’ll fade without a trace


Carbon black we will burn
From nothing we return

(sample) Why should I live in history huh? I don’t want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me ‘time is a flat circle, everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.
Track Name: Concrete Heart
I want to relate
Try to excavate
You red and you raw
Through metal and bone
To see what’s inside
My Jekyll and Hyde
To find me a heart
I’ll keep it alive

Crush our Embers
Bleed into me
Bound forever
Make my concrete heart

So come on with me
Through violence supreme
Through fire and the smoke
Creation provoke
Mix blood with my ash
Your skin laced with sand
Through sickness and health
Organically dealt

You’ll drown in the coal
Forever we’re whole
Our fossilised love
It’s taking control
Our ceaseless embrace
Affection encased
'Til ruin and silence
Falling in grace

This vow solidify
Our limitless
Our never-ending bond
These charcoal chains inside
Will never be apart
Track Name: On the Attack
Messed up generally
Insane definitely
Higher chemically
Broken medically

Backward socially
Shallow mentally
Debauched openly
Reckless totally

Turn it up

Out of line
By design
Not going back
We’re on the attack

Devour famously
Corrupt openly
Modern tragedy
We ain’t nobody

Not a basic bitch

Oh hey let’s play
You think you’re ready for war
We’ll keep it real for sure
Just fight keep tight
We’re on the hunt for sound
Light up get down

Out of line
By design
Not going back
We’re on the attack

Turn up get down
So let’s get loud
We’re on the attack
Track Name: T.H.I.R.S.T.Y
Verse 1

Don’t wanna wake up alone
Going to the club
Breaking my own unease
Come home with me
You’re my temporary plan B

Don’t want autonomy
Only feel alive
With you beside my side
That’s right I’m T H I R S T Y

Verse 2

Let’s tangle ’til we forget
That we’re strangers planning on regret
Our lives reset
Taking 'til I pass out
Cast desire into me
Can’t tie my down
Infinitely free
Won’t compromise
So T H I R S T Y

Middle 8

I don’t wanna go home
You can’t make me go
Don’t wanna go home
I don’t wanna go

I don’t wanna go home
You can’t make me go
Don’t wanna go home
I don’t wanna go home
‘coz I’m thirsty

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