Queen of Risk

by Amelia Arsenic

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electro-punk rivet-jams with a satirical edge featuring the caustic pairing of versatile ingenue Amelia Arsenic and producer/programmer Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Vampyre Anvil, CONFORMCO)


released February 15, 2018

Music credits:
Written by Amelia Arsenic and Sean Payne.
Programming and production by Sean Payne at Glitch Mode Recordings, Chicago, IL.
Guitars and additional programming on ‘Homewrecking’ and ‘Queen of Risk’ by Nikk Dibbs.
Vocals for ‘Live Slow Die Old’ recorded by Allon Silove at 90 Degrees Studio, Newcastle, AU.
Additional vocal engineering on 'RX Love' and 'Queen of Risk' by Pete Crane of Blind Mice Productions, Melbourne, Australia.
Guitars on ‘Live Slow Die Old’ by GregOroth using ESP guitars.
Mastering by Rick O’Neil at Turtlerock Mastering, Sydney, Australia
Live Drums: Matt James.

Artwork credits:
Creative direction and design: Amelia Arsenic.
Photography: Chad Michael Ward.
Makeup: Erin Nakashima using Sugarpill Cosmetics and Kat Von D Beauty.
Wardrobe: Nina Kate from Jane Doe Latex.
Hair: Gloria Divina from Wigs and Grace.

Thanks to:
Jenny Payne, Oliver Heath, Matt James, Joey Talbi, Jordan Davis, JP Anderson, Jason Novak, Kevin Marburg, Amy Doan, Anwyn Watkins, Azaria Byrne, Jessica Nguyen, Wendy Crane, David Borsky, Mike Hodes, Nikk Dibbs, Glitch Mode Squad united


all rights reserved



Amelia Arsenic Sydney, Australia

Harsh beats for dark times.

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Track Name: RX Love
Verse 1:
RX love
RX love
Pre-game at home,
Then it’s raise hell ’til dawn.
Sort out our gear,
And then it’s time to get gone.

Pre-chorus 1:
Caffeine, nicotine, generation codeine,
Vicodin, Tramadoll, fall into a K-hole.
Let’s fall in...

RX Love
Something to celebrate
RX Love
A bit of everything
RX Love
Let’s all degenerate
Fuck us up

Verse 2:
Wait ’til we’re up
Then time to get down
No need to stop
Kiss the ground

Pre-chorus 2
Xanax, alcohol
Percocet and Adderol
DMT, Thorazine,
Smokin' loud and sippin' lean
Let’s fall in...

RX Love
Something to celebrate
RX Love
A bit of everything
RX Love
Let’s all degenerate
Fuck us up
Track Name: Live Slow Die Old
Verse 1:
We’re so broke and fucking bored
Allergic to our daily work
We want that Roman opulance
The status quo we will subvert

Our egos bigger than our hearts
We got the world we still want more
Too cool to try, blaise to fail
Our living nihilistic chore

We believed the hype
Dream big and reach up for those tiny stars
We saw through the shit
Now we wanna make our home among the dirt

We’re gunna live slow
We’re gunna die old
Always doing what we’re told

We’re Generation Y,
We’re Generation why the fuck not?

Verse 2:
We’re just millionaires
Embarrassed to be waiting in the wings
Wanna be the 1 per cent
Without the reckoning

This is my prayer for you
Maybe you’ll wake up and feel today
More than utility, more than what other people say.

In gold we trust
We’re spun, in debt, obese, addicted.

In gold we trust
Selectively numb with reason.
Track Name: Architects of Death
Verse 1:
6am afterparty,
Still getting drunk and nasty.
Existing like there’s no tomorrow,
Not too proud to beg and borrow.
Live it up or giving in,
The only way,
All or nothing!

School night riot,
Plant food diet,
Soho wrecking crew.
Let’s tear it all up,
London style!
Fuck it up,
Me and you.

Never gonna stop,
Never gonna rest,
Pay no mind while we plan our demise,
Sky high ’til our last breath,
We are the architects of death.

Verse 2:
We are excess rejects.
Call us the full blown defects.
Our fate is in our hands.
Design our own death plans.
Create our own ends,
Devising self destruction.
Track Name: Queen of Risk
Crown me with your barb wire halo
The best and worst for me
You’ll never let me go

Stop me from relapsing into myself
You make me do all the things
I never should do
I never should do

Verse 1:
To forget is to forgive
All the sins you would permit
‘Cause you know what’s good for me
You really know how to keep me from punishing myself
You're really the only one to make it easy

You’re my fail safe
Keep me from the edge
In life or death
Fatal and breathing now
Keep this queen of risk
Away from harm
From drowning
From dreaming of

Verse 2:
You’re lovingly
Carved reminder to me
To keep it real
The perfect seal
The perfect seal right on my little heart
And hope to die
This shiny jagged scar will never lie
Will never lie

Middle 8:
And in the end
You’ll pull me in
Picking up the pieces scattered
Deep beneath the skin
You’ll be the perfect royalty
Ruling over this
Pretty, pretty little heap

I can’t trust myself with you
I only trust myself with you

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